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Day 6 – R&B artists who definitely cannot DANCE

Dancing is a language. Its grammar is the rhythm and the moves are the words. Don’t get twisted, yo… the analogy I’m making is not just a metaphor, but grammar and rhythm are by definition quite the same. Ok, let’s look in the Dictionary. So, the rhythm is defined as a movement or procedure of patterned recurrence of a beat or flow. Procedure involves regulations/rules, like grammar.

So my point is? My point is that white people cannot dance, haha. I’m for the first time aware of my randomness, but I cannot help it and I would like to say that I think that the one who invented Sims was a white guy. I mean, have you ever seen those sims dancing; they’re like a mirror to the reality of how generally white people dance. Of course, there are some exceptions…….. *scratching my chin*

Now, let me do what I usually do, and that’s telling like it IS. I always thought that those who have good voice for singing are able to dance as well, because it comes in the talent package, as in 2 for 1. Well, not exactly.

You know Cassie, right? I remember seeing this video a looong time ago, when I was about 15 years old, I think. At that time, I was not sure what she was trying to do in the video, but I am now seeing with different eyes, and she definitely doesn’t have the moves. Remember in my first post for blasting P Diddy for his amazing dancing skills ? I think he’s Cassie’s dance coach. Just have a look at 01:27. Other than that, she has robotic moves and stomach-rolls like a second-rate Shakira. *sigh*

Baby girl Ashanti doesn’t have the moves, but she’s still a sweetheart. Haven’t counted how many times she’s been putting her hand through her hair in this video, but at least she felt “Happy”. I love this jam and miss the times when her fine self and Ja Rule were making 37232 songs together. Bless you, Ashanti, your songs filled most of my teenager years.

Let me create the setting. Voluptuous white girl, big furry sofa and a diva fan that blows her hair off her face, while she blinks as if something got in her eye. Do you dig it? Cause i don’t. I respect her voice, but Mariah Carey should lay low her fake diva attitude. What did I tell you about white people dancing?

Sadly, I have to inform you there’s only ONE day left of this R&B Challenge. It’s easy, how do you want it?

I will see you tomorrow, cats ! Remain beautiful as you all are ! Spread the love !

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Straight to the feeling. Ahhh… getting emotional

Tory Lanez - All I want is you.

Handmade Accessories. Handmade With Swag.

Handmade Accessories. Handmade With Swag.

Handmade Accessories. Handmade With Swag.

Handmade Accessories. Handmade With Swag.